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Bumblebees—The Essential, Indefatigable Pollinators

Janet Marinelli is the former director of publishing at BBG. Her book, Plant, published by Dorling Kindersley, showcases 2,000 species worldwide that are threatened in the wild but alive in cultivation.


  • Jack May 10, 2020

    Why are bumble bees (2 spotted, unless they are the same one a week apart!) here in Naknek AK when nothing is blooming and barely budding?

  • Cathy Harragian November 11, 2010

    very descriptive article

  • Eliz Peters June 8, 2010

    Hi Patricia,

    Two great books for your project that have been published by BBG are Janet’s The Wildlife Gardener’s Guide,, and Gardening With Children, Good luck!

  • patricia May 27, 2010


    We are looking at a pollinating garden to build at elementary locations.  Any information would be helpful….thanks, patricia

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