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Discovery Garden

Discovery Garden

Kids of all ages can explore habitats, uncover plant mysteries, and learn about garden wildlife at fun, hands-on exhibits throughout the Discovery Garden.

This immersive landscape—created especially for the Garden’s youngest visitors—encourages children to explore nature through hands-on experiences as they investigate plants and animals in different habitat spaces.

Winding intimate paths lead through a meadow of tall native grasses and flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Raised boardwalks and platforms allow kids to get up close to leafy tree canopies in the woodland, and a circuit of split logs and boulders takes visitors throw a rich and diverse marsh habitat. In the Hamm Children’s Learning Courtyard, young naturalists can enjoy hands-on scientific activities and sow, tend, and harvest plants.



How did snapdragons get their name? What does an onion flower look like? What kinds of flowers do hummingbirds like? Visit the Discovery Garden and learn the answers to these questions!


School and Camp Group Visits to the Discovery Garden

Students make their own nature discoveries and sharpen science skills as they explore the garden’s habitats and visit interactive exhibits. There is plenty to touch, smell, and investigate in this hands-on garden. During the winter season, group visits to the Discovery Garden are first come, first served, no preregistration needed.

Before your visit, download the Discovery Garden Visit Guide (pdf).

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