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New York Metropolitan Flora Project

New York Metropolitan Flora Project

In 1990 the Garden embarked on the New York Metropolitan Flora project (NYMF), a multiyear effort to document the flora in all counties within a 50-mile radius of New York City, including all of Long Island, southeastern New York State, northern New Jersey and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Understanding the urban landscape is critical in our rapidly urbanizing world. Findings of BBG's Metropolitan Flora Project serve as vital references for those involved in environmental efforts, from preserving rare plants, to planning parks and greenways, to repairing degraded habitats, to designing home gardens in which native plant communities are preserved or restored.


The metropolitan plant encyclopedia consists of a series of comprehensive pages on the plants of the New York metropolitan region. For each family, genus, and species in the area there are one or more pages with photos, distribution maps, descriptions, ecological information, references and much more. Horticultural information will be added in the months ahead. At this time BBG scientists are concentrating on woody plants. The encyclopedia includes pages for all woody species in the area.

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