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Gardens & Collections

Plants in Bloom

  • A plant with long slender emerald green leaves and dangling clusters of pea-sized, fuchsia, purple and white balls. The clusters hang from bright pink stems which descend from the stalks of the plant.


    Medinilla myriantha (malaysian-orchid) in the Tropical Pavilion. Photo: Michael Stewart.

  • A scarlet red, bucket-shaped orchid dangles in the air. One side of the bucket shape continues up to for an upright growth which is topped by a section of pale pink flesh speckled with fuchsia.

    Bucket Orchid

    Coryanthes mastersiana (Bucket Orchid) in the Aquatic House. Photo: Michael Stewart.

  • Four flowers dangle from a mass of pale green roots and slender emerald green leaves. The flowers each consist of six petals in pale pink. The bottom-center petal is variegated with purple hues. At the center of each flower is a pale yellow stamen shooting upward.

    × Holconopsis Newberry Jasmine grex

    × Holconopsis Newberry Jasmine grex (× Holconopsis Newberry Jasmine grex) in the Aquatic House. Photo: Michael Stewart.

  • A flower with bright orange and blue petals coming out of a green pod, resembling the shape of a bird

    Bird of Paradise

    Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) in the Warm Temperate Pavilion. Photo: Michael Stewart.

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Image, top of page: Michael Stewart