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Gardens & Collections

Gardens & Collections

Plants in Bloom

  • pink, disc-shaped flowers

    Japanese Anemone

    Anemone hupehensis (Japanese anemone) in the Rock Garden. Photo: Lee Patrick.

  • yellow-flowered goldenrod

    Gray Goldenrod

    Solidago nemoralis (gray goldenrod) in the Water Garden. Photo: Blanca Begert.

  • blue berries and red flowers of harlequin glory-bower

    Harlequin Glory-Bower

    Clerodendrum trichotomum (Harlequin Glory-Bower) in the Water Garden. Photo: Sarah Schmidt.

  • Autumn Crocus

    Autumn Crocus

    Colchicum 'Lilac Wonder' (autumn crocus) in the Plant Family Collection. Photo: Blanca Begert.

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