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Certificate in Horticulture

Level up your horticulture skills—whether you are pursuing a career change, or you are a highly motivated home gardener.

The prestigious Brooklyn Botanic Garden Certificate in Horticulture is designed both for people who plan to pursue a career in the field and for highly motivated home gardeners who want an in-depth understanding of plants and gardens. A series of Horticulture certificate courses impart broad knowledge of plant growth and plant uses, with a focus on the urban environment. Many students use the certificate to prepare for entry-level positions in the horticulture industry or to seek advancement in their current profession.

Combining lectures with hands-on learning, courses are taught at a community college level and require a significant investment of personal time in addition to class hours.

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Please send any questions about the Certificate in Horticulture at Brooklyn Botanic Garden to [email protected].

Certificate Requirements


To earn a BBG Certificate in Horticulture, students must successfully complete eight required classes:

Registration Dates


Registration opens first Monday in April.


Registration opens first Monday in August.


Registration opens first Monday in December.

Certificate Graduation Ceremony

A graduation ceremony for participants who have earned a certificate is held in January. The 2020 ceremony will be held on January 8. If you anticipate completing all eight required classes before this date, please reach out to the Continuing Education office at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the Certificate in Horticulture program, and how long does it take?

Students who register for any Horticulture Certificate class are automatically enrolled in the program.

The program can be completed in as little as one year, but more often students elect to take classes over the course of several years. The speed at which you complete the program depends on how many courses you take concurrently. You must complete all eight courses within ten years.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

We do not require that students take the courses in a specific order. However, we do have a few recommendations for students to get the most out of the program:

  • We strongly recommend that students with no horticulture background begin with Botany for Horticulturalists.
  • We recommend that students do not take both plant identification classes at the same time, due to the amount of memorization they involve.
  • Urban Garden Maintenance and Urban Garden Design are good capstone classes that build on the information learned in other courses.
How much does it cost?

Classes are paid on an individual basis. Class costs range around $360–$430, depending on course hours and materials fees. Garden members receive a 10% discount on classes, so becoming a member is recommended if you plan to take multiple classes within one year. With a member discount, the total cost of the program in 2020 is $2,794.

What can I expect to gain from earning a Certificate in Horticulture?

Students can expect to develop the core skills needed to excel in the field of horticulture: identifying common landscape plants, assessing and ameliorating garden soil, managing plant health, creating a basic garden design, and maintaining an all-seasons garden. Through classroom instruction and hands-on practice, our graduates develop a holistic understanding of horticulture, while making key connections to experts in the field.

Many of our graduates have found work at public green spaces throughout NYC. Others have used their new skill set to improve their local community garden or home garden, to work for a private gardening company, or to start their own business.

What if all the classes are full?

You should add yourself to the waiting list. New classes are posted three times a year—in March, July, and November.

Season Classes Posted Online Registration Opens
Winter/Spring March First Monday in April, 9 a.m.
Summer July First Monday in August, 9 a.m.
Fall November First Monday in December, 9 a.m.
Do you offer financial aid?

Garden members receive a 10% discount on all Continuing Education classes. Unfortunately, we cannot offer additional financial aid or discounts for our Certificate in Horticulture classes.

The Garden subsidizes program costs for BBG interns, who take all eight classes at no cost. To be directed to other no-cost professional development opportunities at BBG, please reach out to [email protected].

More questions? Contact Continuing Education at 718-623-7357 or [email protected].

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