Urban Advantage Program - Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Urban Advantage Program

Urban Advantage Program


Guided programs: UA middle and elementary school teachers can use a UA class trip voucher to cover the cost of an on-site or virtual workshop for elementary and middle school grades.

Self-guided group visits: Bring your class for free when you register online at least two weeks in advance. Preregistered self-guided groups receive an admission pass for entry to the Garden grounds and Steinhardt Conservatory and priority admission to the School Lunch Area, open seasonally. We want to know that you and your class visited BBG! Please bring a UA Class Visit voucher with you to hand to admissions staff when you enter. (Don’t worry, you can still use your voucher for two programmatic trips to UA institutions.) Register for a self-guided group visit ›

Visit in all seasons, even winter! The Steinhardt Conservatory is an indoor setting where you can explore tropical, desert, warm temperate, and aquatic plants as well as bonsai. The Diane H. and Joseph S. Steinberg Visitor Center provides interactive exhibits on the history of the Garden and special features of the plant collections, including how to read the Garden’s plant labels. Note: Garden hours vary by season. Please see bbg.org/visit when planning your trip.

Visit the Garden yourself beforehand with your UA teacher voucher. Map out the plant collections you will visit, locate restrooms and the lunch area, and identify the entry gate your class will use (depending on whether your class travels to BBG via school bus, public transportation, or on foot). Visit BBG’s online map to begin planning.

Ask us for help! We are glad to help you plan your visit. For more information about guided school programs or self-guided school visits, contact [email protected] or 718-623-7235.


Community trips: NEW! Brooklyn Botanic Garden is accepting Community Trip vouchers starting September 2023! We are excited to welcome our Urban Advantage Parent Coordinators along with their students and families to the Garden. Using your Community Trip voucher means you will receive free admission to the Garden, and you will also have the option to choose a themed itinerary. As part of our new Community Trip experience, we will also provide a backpack for the PC with materials and resources for a structured learning experience. Please reach out to our Family Engagement team in advance for help scheduling and planning your trip.

For more information about planning a trip with a Community Trip Voucher, contact [email protected] or 718-623-7237.


Student + 3 voucher: UA middle and elementary school students can use a UA student +3 voucher for free admission to BBG for the student and three additional people. Children 12 and under are free. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

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