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Indoor Worm Bin Composting

Patricia Jasaitis


  • Steve W. July 30, 2015

    For fruit fly infestations, pour some apple cider vinegar in a dish, add a few drops of dish soap, stir, and cover with plastic wrap. Poke holes in the wrap, and the flies will flock inside to the mix. They will not escape but drown in the liquid.

  • Richard Berman May 10, 2014

    Can I use wild caught worms for composting? I have a lot of worms in my beds in the backyard. 

  • Jenny Blackwell, NY Compost Project in Brooklyn September 15, 2011

    Hi, George:  Your garden could indeed benefit from vermicompost! To best determine if an indoor worm bin is right for you, I’d suggest you attend our two-hour worm bin workshop, Composting with Lovely Redworms, on October 5 (  We generally find that most people are equipped to deal with any issues that arise once they take our workshop, including potential odors! Keep an eye out for veggie gardening classes and workshops in the spring at BBG for information regarding the use of heating mats for starting seeds.

  • George September 13, 2011

    Hi, I’d like to start a worm bin, but I’m concerned about potential odors. The bin would either be located in the kitchen or elsewhere. I have a garden at FBGA and would greatly benefit from vermicompost. Also, I usually start my seeds in the early spring.  I’m wondering, does a heating mat really make much of a difference when starting seeds? Does BBG offer any workshops for vegetable gardeners?

    Thank you,

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