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Sarracenia: Native Pitcher Plants

Cayleb Long is the former curator of the Annual and Perennial Borders, Lily Pools, and Magnolia Plaza at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


  • BBG Staff November 28, 2018

    Good morning Steve: If you have Sarracenia planted in some kind of porous container that is floating and exposed in an open body of water, and that body of water freezes pretty thoroughly, I would advise that you bring the container into a porch. Or you could bury the container with the plants in it into the soil in your yard in a less exposed area. 

  • Steve Reeves November 10, 2018

    I have a big garden that I placed in a pot made for these plants and bought something for it to float around in during the summer. It did beautifully. Now that winter is arriving (I live in Asheville, NC), I don’t what to do with it. It’s very beautiful and I don’t want to lose it. Do I cut it down and bring it in or just leave it outside all winter in the pot? Any help I would appreciate.

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