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Low & Slow Fescues

Stevie Daniels is the director of publications for Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. She is the the author of The Wild Lawn Handbook: Alternatives to the Traditional Front Lawn (Macmillan, 1995) and gardening columnist forPennsylvania Magazine. She has been a Penn State Master Gardener since 1988. Daniels has spent the last three years replacing the grass in her own yard with native plants and a front lawn of native grasses.


  • leslie June 23, 2015

    I would like to add some flowers to my no mow area to naturalize as a “meadow.” Any suggestions for some short natives (or bulbs) that will not compete with the no mow?

  • Ted Gill July 10, 2013

    When does creeping red fescue go to seed? I’d like to hold off on mowing when that time frame is imminent. Thanks.

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