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Keep Mosquitoes and Ticks Out of Your Garden and Off Yourself

Archie Oman Egbert is an integrated pest management specialist for the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene.


  • Hugh Jazscheens June 12, 2019

    I have two procedures for keeping mosquitoes down. I put an old bucket near the porch that has water in it all summer. It also has a “Mosquito Dunk” in it that kills larvae. Second, always keep an eye out for male mosquitoes. They look almost exactly like the biting females, but are 10 times their size. The males don’t bite. The females bite only when they’re pregnant. Squash all the males and there’s no one left to bite you.

  • Bonnie Kolesar July 31, 2017

    For mosquito control in California, I use a pest control service that sprays garlic in the yard (powder form or liquid). The treatment is applied every month for four months of the year, and I know that it has reduced the mosquito problem.  I can now sit outside and enjoy the property, including early morning and evening hours. I really like that it’s a natural way of dealing with the issue and is not harmful to animals or people.

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