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How to Grow Self-Sowing Annuals

Laura Powell is the curator of BBG's Rock Garden.


  • Mary April 30, 2020

    Years ago when I had a suburban garden, I planted impatiens in the same area for a few years. Where, lo and behold, the plants went to seed and the next year dozens of plants came up on their own. So by July it looked like I had planted 100 plants in the same 6x12 area. It was a fabulous display.

  • Holly August 12, 2019

    After the summer self-sowing annual dies, can I grow winter plants in the same garden bed, and expect to see the self-sowed summer plants growing again in the spring?

  • Louise July 30, 2018

    A wild garden.. the joys of life. Love having them reseed themselves, and the birds do some planting too. Makes for the best wildflower garden and many bees come and enjoy the garden too. Loved this article

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