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Fig Trees for Small Backyards or Container Gardens

Robert Newgarden is a former gardener at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He tended the Cashew Plant Family and other plant families in the Plant Family Collection. He also cared for the Herb Garden.


  • Vince July 23, 2018

    The white fig is much larger than the black fig. I had some in Europe. Can you grow it here?

  • [email protected] July 7, 2018

    Can you please teach me about fertilizing and planting my fig. I understand about the south facing wall. Please instruct about depth, width away from the foundation and fertilizing.
    Thanks so much!

  • Maggie October 21, 2017

    Protection from elements in winter is one thing, but one also needs to protect figs from hungry rodents, who easily girdle a tree because they are safely protected from predators by insulating burlap. We’ve had far more success wintering dormant figs in large pots stored in a cool dark place.

  • Evan Elisseou August 20, 2013

    Does the ‘Brooklyn Dark’ fig have a more common name? I’m trying to find one.

  • BBG Staff June 12, 2013

    If by “insect free” you mean pollinated without the aid of insects, yes, except for Smyrna and San Pedro figs, which require a wasp for pollination.

  • hirsh lefkowitz June 11, 2013

    Are figs truly insect free? Thanks a lot.

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