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For the Birds

For the Birds is a multidisciplinary exhibition and program series inspired by the Garden’s resident birds, as well as “For the Birds: The Birdsong Project,” a multialbum set of original recordings celebrating birds by 200-plus artists, compiled by Randall Poster.

Through both scientific and artistic lenses, For the Birds explores the connections between birds and plants.


For the Birds is centered around a Garden-wide outdoor exhibition of dozens of site-specific birdhouses created by artists of international renown. Inspired by bird species in residence at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, each birdhouse provides an opportunity to learn more about birds and their habitats through the eyes of artists working with a variety of materials and points of view.

An artistic slightly spooky collage showing a vertical slab-like birdhouse in a verdant setting.
Curling birchbark and dried flowers formed into a birdhouse
A white structure with no entrances set as a birdhouse outdoors
A drawing of a wheel with four entrances
A blocky, patterned illustration of three woodpeckers
A blue house made of cutout shapes
a collage of crows around two jeweled nests in a dead tree trunk with rebar
an illustration of a vertical bird perch amid an outline of shrubs and trees.

For Birds & Birders

  • a Carolina wren with insect prey

    Birds of Brooklyn

    The Birds of Brooklyn blog series looks at some of the most familiar and fascinating birds that call Kings County their habitat.

    Birds of Brooklyn

  • A small yellow bird faces downward while perched on the end of a thin woody conifer branch.

    Birding 101: It’s Way Easier Than You Think

    How to become a birder.

    Birding 101

The Birdsong Project

  • A record album cover in red woodgrain with an illustration of a bird and the words For the Birds: The Birdsong Project

    For the Birds is a joint project with acclaimed music supervisor Randall Poster. During the most isolating times of COVID-19, Poster, like many, sought out nature as a respite. The wonder of birds inspired him to gather friends and colleagues to celebrate and protect birds and their habitats.

    The result, “For the Birds: The Birdsong Project,” is an art-filled, 20-LP box set with contributions from over 200 acclaimed musicians, poets, visual artists, historians, and actors. Proceeds from the album benefit the National Audubon Society.

    The Birdsong Project


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