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Ohkehteau (Plants of the Earth): A Shinnecock Oral History

Ohkehteau (Plants of the Earth): A Shinnecock Oral History - Joe-Pye Weed

Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum)
Discovery Garden
Running time 0:43

When Europeans settled here, they brought diseases. One of those diseases was called typhoid. This disease spread along the East Coast. And in the Northeast, a Mohegan and Pequot medicine man by the name of Joepye traveled throughout the New England area, curing people that had the typhoid disease using this plant. Both the flower and the leaves of the Joe-Pye weed have medicinal value. They often grow in clusters that have flowers that can range from pink to purple, and the flowers bloom between July and September.

Plants of the Earth

Ohkehteau (Plants of the Earth): A Shinnecock Oral History, on view through November 7, highlights native plants around Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the ways that Indigenous peoples use and know them. On your self-guided tour, hear Chenae Bullock tell stories passed down to her and describe traditional uses for plants, including medicines that have been used for thousands of years

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