Aquatic House and Orchid Collection

The Aquatic House displays plants from Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s large orchid collection as well as a variety of tropical and subtropical aquatic and wet environment plants from around the world.

At the entry of the Aquatic House is a paludarium that displays treeferns, mosses, orchids, and an epiphyte-covered tree that stands above exposed rockwork, while waterfalls cascade into the six-foot-deep pool. A second pool displays plants in a naturalistic bog environment. Its emphasis is on demonstrating the range of physical adaptations plants have made to live in, on, and near water.

Over 6,000 orchids representing almost 1,000 species are included in the Garden’s orchid collection housed in the horticulture greenhouses. As different specimens bloom, they are rotated into the Aquatic House display cases. More than 100 Vanda alliance orchids are also on permanent display and bloom throughout the year, as is the Garden's 300-pound tiger orchid specimen (Grammatophyllum speciosum).


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