The Butterfly Gardener’s Guide

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  • Observing Butterflies
    • Butterfly Familes by Claire Hagan Dole
    • Butterfly Biology, by Eric Eaton
    • Butterfly Migration, by Pat and Clay Sutton
  • Advanced Butterfly Gardening
    • Turning Your Yard Into a Butterfly Sanctuary, by Phil Schappert
    • Inviting Caterpillars Into Your Garden, by Claire Hagen Dole
    • Helping Butterflies Through the Winter, by Bernard S. Jackson
    • Butterfly Meadows, by Claire Hagen Dole
    • Herbs for Butterflies, by Jim and Dotti Becker
    • How to Grow a Butterfly Gardener, by Sharon Lovejoy
  • Encyclopedia of Butterfly and Caterpillar Plants
    • Northeast, by Jane Ruffin
    • Southeast, by Kim Hawks
    • Florida, by Pamela F. Traas
    • Midwest, by Ann Swengel
    • Southwest, by Jim Brock
    • Pacific Coast, by Leana Beeman-Sims
    • More Caterpillar Plants for Every Region
    • More Nectar Plants for Every Region
  • USDA Hardiness Zone Map
  • For More Information
  • Organizations and Nurseries
  • Contributors
  • Index

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